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Eight Immortals Dancong
Eight Immortals Dancong
Eight Immortals Dancong
Eight Immortals Dancong

Eight Immortals Dancong

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Tea: Eight Immortals
Type: Baxian Dancong Oolong (八仙单丛乌龙) 
Style: Classic Dancong
Roast: Medium
Harvest: Spring 2023
Region: Wudong Village, Phoenix Mountains, Chaozhou
Producers: Wen Zitong
Tasting Notes: Sweet Butter, Majoram, Piñon, Rosemary, Fresh Crusted Bread
Check out our Glossary of Dancong Oolong Terms to understand this info more!

This is one of our favorite dancong cultivars and Wen Zitong made this tea sing, simply put, it's one of the best examples of this cultivar we have come across in the past 6 years sourcing Baxain (shoutout to those that remember Master Wei's 2016 Baxian, the tea that started this search).  

The aroma off the dry leaves in a warm gaiwan is a delicate mix of sweet butter and cream with a hint of cinnamon spice and a good deal of more savory spices such as majoram and thyme.  After brewed in water, the wet leaves transform into something meatier and engaging like fish grilled on a cedar plank.

The taste on the tongue is consistently sweet and surprisingly light, though it still thoroughly coats the tongue and lingers long after each sip.  The brew itself is a light gold which is evidence of Wen Zitong's skilled roasting abilities, this tea has no rough roast edges even weeks after its final processing.  This is a powerfully pleasant tea, so much so that we forgot we were writing the product description and taking photos while drinking it, instead just got lost in the soup of the tea and had to retake some photos the next session.

This tea is a blend of a few old Baxian trees that belong to Wen Zitong's family up above the Wudong village, on the slopes of the Wudong mountain itself.  These teas form older trees have a characteristic sweetness to their brew with much less of the bitterness so often associated with dancong oolongs, and the Wudong core region teas leave a lingering tingling sweetness on our tongue that is surprisingly consistent, apparent, and exclusive to the Wudong dancongs.