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Easy Tea Dark Brick | 2017
Easy Tea Dark Brick | 2017
Easy Tea Dark Brick | 2017

Easy Tea Dark Brick | 2017

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Tea: 2017 Anhua Heicha (安化黑茶) 

Type: Hei Zhuan Anhua Heicha 黑砖安化黑茶
Fermentation Level: Heavy
Harvest: Spring 2017
Press Date: Autumn 2020
Press Size: 390g
Region:  Dafu Township, Furong Region, Anhua County.
Producer: Liao Xian (Easy) Tea House
Tasting Notes: Honey Glazed Ham, Smoked Meat, Sarsaparilla, Burdock Root, Pepper

This tea, initially tightly compressed into 390 gram bricks has been sawn into smaller pieces to facilitate an easier brewing experience.  Trace patterns which were pressed into the original brick can be seen in these small checker-board pieces, a Chinese character here, the elevation there, the rigid fingerprint of a topographical map.  We have yet to buy a full cake, so are unsure as to their original pattern when pressed.

This cake has been described by Mrs. Huang as a tea that is good for people who don't like Anhua Heicha.  We feel however, that it is fairly characteristic of the style, the only difference is that it has significantly less bitterness than other Anhua Dark Teas.

When warmed in water, the leaves exude a deeply meaty aroma.  We are reminded of honey glazed ham, smoked meat, and general sweet barbecue.  The liquor however is a clear light amber (much cleaner than the Seven Bowls' Huazhuan counterpart).  After a few infusions, this meatiness transforms into a deep vegetation.  There is still a pleasant amount of bitterness which will fade with time, though this tea is undeniably bright, with notes not found in a lot of other Anhua Dark Teas.