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Kill-Green Blind Sampler
Kill-Green Blind Sampler

Kill-Green Blind Sampler

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The time has come for a new blind sampler box.  In this new sampler you will be challenged to assess three samples of Enshi Yulu against the official top-grade standards.

All samples come from the same producer and are made from source leaves picked the same first week in April. The three samples in this box are, according to the producer, his best examples of Yulu produced using the three most common kinds of kill-grean equipment: heated tumblers, sencha steam-ovens. and jumbo microwaves.  This last kind of equipment, microwaves are something quite new to green tea production in China, and a new blog post about them can be found here

Two samples are made from the Longjing #43 Cultivar and one has been made from the Echa #10 Cultivar, allegedly the best pairings with the respective samples.

To make this extra interesting, we invite you to rank each tea 1-3 according to the following standards.

-Shape: Thin pine needle. 

-Dry Leaf Color: Clear soup.

-Soup: Clear & colorless.

-Aroma: Sweet & floral

-Flavor: Nutty & milky.

Please fill out the table below and e-mail us at before July 15th. Those whose can guess the kill-green methods and cultivars right and whose rankings are the closest to those of our registered Enshi tea sommelier friend will win free 50 grams of green tea of their choosing with their next order. 


Sample #1

[Kill Green Method]


Sample #2

[Kill Green Method]


Sample #3

[Kill Green Method]


Dark Green



Pine Needle Shape




Clear Soup




Colorless Soup




Sweet & Floral Smell




Nutty, Milky Flavor