Green Maojian
Green Maojian
Green Maojian
Green Maojian

Green Maojian

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Tea: Green Maojian

Cultivar: Dragonwell #43

Harvest:  April, 2021

Region: Hefeng County, Rural Hubei

Producer: Loushuiyuan Tujia Cooperative

Maojian is a style of baked Chinese green tea characterized by its needle shape.  The leaves are pressed, rolled and pulled by hand on a perforated metal table venting warm air.  This pulls the flavor out from the leaves and give it the final hair-tip shape.   The aroma on the leaves is thick and savory, though still intensely vegetal.  The tea brews up very quickly to a light gold hue, and has the aroma of steamed and buttered vegetables redolent of asparagus and broccoli.  The mouthfeel is thick with a deep huigan and pleasant bitterness when brewed at strength.  This tea embodies much of the stronger, more robust attributes of baked Chinese green tea.

The Loushuiyuan Cooperative is primarially comprised of local Tujia minority formers and laborers in the mountainous, remote Hefeng county of rural Hubei.  The cooperative consists of a few hundred Mu (0.33 acre) of tea gardens scattered throughout the terraced and plateaued mountains of the Luoshui river valley.  

It is in this region and from this Cooperative that One River Tea Cooperative has rented a few Mu of tea fields and an old Tujia house on the Mountian.  It is our ambition to create a Red Maojian in Summer of 2021 and a Green Maojian in Spring of 2022 in cooperation with the Luoshuiyuan Cooperative.

Brewing recommendation:  We recommend drinking this tea 'grandpa style,' as loose leaves in a tall glass; it is easy, simple, and elegant. This is the way almost everyone drinks green tea in China, from office workers to farmers, all in unspoken solidarity. 

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