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2022 Big Yellow 35%
2022 Big Yellow 35%
2022 Big Yellow 35%

2022 Big Yellow 35%

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Tea: 2022 Huangdacha (黄大茶) 
Type: Yellow Tea, Orthodox Yellowing, Wet Fermentation
Harvest: Summer 2022
Region: Dahuaping Town, Huoshan County, China
Producer: Manfu Tea
Tasting Notes:  Earthy & Floral Aroma; Chocolate, Coffee.

This is not the emperor's tribute tea, and it's not Huoshan's finest, but it sure does taste good. Big Yellow has a unique flavor that has won a place in the hearts of a younger generation of tea drinkers, especially those in Northern China. While we were in Huoshan looking for Yellow Bud, we encountered a group of Shanxi tea merchants on the hunt for Big Yellow. There, Big Yellow has supposedly found a niche alongside Jasmine Green and other strong scented mug-friendly teas that can make Southerners squirm.

We can see why some might appreciate this tea. It is easy on the stomach, has an aroma one might expect from an unroasted Dancong, and honestly is less astringent than some of the other orthodox yellows we have tried. The late and undiscerning pick makes this a homely tea by the usual standards of green and yellow tea, but the color is still exactly what it should be. The range of earthier, chocolaty notes as well as more muted floral aromas make this tea down right pleasant if brewed Gongfu style. This yellow tea is neither experimental or top-shelf, but it is a certified classic.