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King White Peony Presale 2024
King White Peony Presale 2024

King White Peony Presale 2024

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Tea: Mudan Wang: King White Peony 牡丹王
Type: Fuding White Tea 
Harvest: Mid March 2024 (Date TBD)
Region: Panxi, Fuding, Fujian
Producers: Yuanming Tea Garden
Tasting Notes: cinnamon, cream, spring violets, daffodil, roasted peanut
The Mudan Wang we get from Qiu's white tea garden in Panxi, Fuding is one of the most anticipated teas of the year.  While we carry a high grade of this tea throughout the year, the top tier grades tend to sell out as the year progresses, so we have opened this presale option to ensure the devotees of the White Peony can get their first pick as fresh and pristine as possible.
While aged white teas are all the rage these days, these bright, crisp, fresh Fuding White teas are the embodiment of Spring to our palates.  They are covered in the fine white tea fuzz of young buds, the pick is exceptionally beautiful, and the processing is as delicate and natural as possible.  These teas are surprisingly robust, they can be brewed with boiling water and will create quite a thick and full brew.