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Mingqian Dragonwell Presale
Mingqian Dragonwell Presale
Mingqian Dragonwell Presale

Mingqian Dragonwell Presale

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Tea: Dragonwell (Mingqian Longjing- 明前龙井)
Type: Longjing #43 Hangzhou Green Tea
Harvest: Late March 2024 (Date TBD)
Region: Qiantang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Producers: Nine Trees (九树)
Tasting Notes: lilacs, sweet cream, chestnut, edamame, buttered toast

No other green tea in China has as much renown as Dragon Well Green Tea from Hangzhou's West Lake Reservation.  This renown is well-earned, as Dragon Well Green Tea has always held to a high standard of growing conditions and production methods, preserving and raising the standard for green tea across the country.

Dragon well green tea is quite the unique green tea.  It provides notes of buttered toast, chestnut, and a delicious grassy sweetness that is unlike any other green.  Good Dragon Well is slow to bitter, but still strong in the mouth, rich with umami and a noticeable huigan (or returning sweetness 回甘 huígān).  The Mingqian Dragon Well has a great deal of fresh toast in the taste and a strong green bamboo aroma when first hit with hot water.