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Mingqian Enshi Yulu Presale
Mingqian Enshi Yulu Presale

Mingqian Enshi Yulu Presale

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Tea:Enshi Yulu - Jade Dew (Ēnshī Yùlù 恩施玉露)
Type: Hubei Steamed Green Tea
Harvest: Late March 2024 (Date TBD)
Region: Enshi, Hubei, China
Producers: Huazhi
Tasting Notes: baked seaweed, buttered broccoli, toasted rice, cream, spring violets

Enshi Yulu, or Jade Dew, is one of the only Chinese green teas that is steam processed to "kill the green" and stop the oxidization process.  The result is a much more sweet green tea with deep umami notes, which relates more closely to Japanese green teas rather than to most of the modern Chinese Green teas.

This year we are sourcing our Yulu from the Huazhi Cooperative just outside of Enshi.  This cooperative has done some incredible work in the recent years championing the success of not only the cooperative structure, but also of organic tea production.