Odds & Ends Untea Sampler
Odds & Ends Untea Sampler
Odds & Ends Untea Sampler

Odds & Ends Untea Sampler

One River Tea

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Welcome to the Odds & Ends Untea Sampler, in this box we have included everything but the fresh tea leaf.  

The magnificent Camellia Sinensis has so much to offer, but often we only see the new growth and tender buds made into tea.  What we wanted to do for this sampler is to look at all the other wonderful offerings the tea plant produces and feature the ingenuity of our tea farmers striving to bring these oft overlooked elements into your tea session.

Although this sampler doesn't contain the choicest of leaves, it is still highly drinkable.  The tea flowers are wonderful additions to any green tea or green oolong, the tea seeds make a beautiful late night brew, and the huangpian offer flavors well outside the norm for oolong teas.


The Sampler contains four heat-sealed bags of the following unteas: 

In the set:

  • 14g Charcoal Roasted Tea Seeds ()
  • 14g Electric Baked Tea Flowers ()
  • 14g Charcoal Roasted Aged Dancong Huangpian ()
  • 14g Electric Baked Fresh Dancong Huangpian ()

The tea is packaged in 14g heat-sealed bags.  Recommended brewing is 6-7 grams of tea in a 3-4 ounce gaiwan; thus, this sample set offers two chances to taste each tea and compare with the others.

We are very excited to share this tea tasting opportunity, as it is one of the few ways to really understand the complexities of certain types of teas.