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Tea: Guihua White Tea (桂花白茶) 
Type: Shoumei, Fuding White tea
Harvest: Autumn 2021
Press Date: Autumn 2021
Press Size: ~5g biscuits
Region: Diantou, Fuding, Fujian, China
Tasting Notes: Rock Sugar, Gardenia, Licorice, Osmanthus, Pine Sap

These curious biscuits were sourced for us by our good friend Master Zhang.  As a man who enjoys experimental teas (see his Charcoal Roasted Tea Seeds) it is no surprise that these interesting pressed whites were on his radar.

The osmanthus shoumei tea biscuit has actual yellow and orange osmanthsu tree flowers in the tea.  The addition of guihua flowers in tea is seen all over China, stretching from this Fuding white tea, to Wuyi black tea, all the way up to Dragon Well Green tea in Hangzhou.  The fragrance of these flowers is unmistakable to one who know them, and they offer a delicate sweetness to any session.

Immediately upon opening a biscuit, the osmanthus flower fragrance rises off the tea.  When warmed this fragrance is intensified, though pairs well with the more woodsy, pine sap notes of the white tea itself.  The brew is gold and the taste on the tongue is light and impossibly sweet.  As the tea wakes up, the infusions get thicker and thicker, with more and more of the 

The shoumei used for these biscuits is almost certainly made in the brown style, as opposed to the green shoumei's we offer.  For a more detailed analysis on the difference between the green and brown shoumei, you can check out our blog post about it!