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Phoenix Dancong Sampler
Phoenix Dancong Sampler

Phoenix Dancong Sampler

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Welcome to this year's Classic Dancong Oolong Sampler.  In this collection, we bring back some of the old favorites we have been sourcing for the past five years.  This collection has a balanced range of inexpensive and upper tier teas, great for finding out what dancong will be your favorite for the next year.

The dancong oolongs this year were all phenomenal and we believe we have created quite an all star lineup.  From the berry-sweet Heavenly Fragrance, to the buttered-vegetable levity of the Duck Shit Fragrance, all the way to the spicy-chocolate of the Apricot Kernel Fragrance, this box has quite the range. For a full tasting breakdown of each of these teas, check out their individual listings here!

The set includes a total of 84 grams of tea, broken down into 14 grams of six different Dancong Oolong cultivars, all properly charcoal roasted and individually packed in heat-sealed satchels.

In the set:

  • 14g Heavenly Fragrance (Vanilla Cream and Berries) (Light Roast)
  • 14g Night Bloom Fragrance (Stewed Oranges and Cedar) (Medium Roast)
  • 14g Apricot Kernel Fragrance (Toasted Nuts and Apricots) (Heavy Roast)
  • 14g Pomelo Flower Fragrance (Toasted Oats and Jasmine) (Medium Roast)
  • 14g Duck Shit Fragrance (Butter and Sweet Grass) (Light Roast)
  • 14g Honey Orchid Fragrance (Caramel and Magnolia) (Medium Roast)

We had to be very patient with our producers on this one, trusting that they know the best time to roast, and rest these teas, but we have been waiting for these teas since their harvest in spring!  We have sampled dozens of different cultivars in the past few weeks from these three producers, and finally decided on these six teas.  

For those that are more interested in Core-Region Wudong Mountain Dancong oolongs, check out the Wudong Dancong Sampler.  Teas grown in this volcanic soil are distinct, and Wudong mountain is the home of the original dancong oolongs.  For those that want to touch the sky when it comes to Dancong, check out Wen Zitong's Mother Bush Experience, which includes tea from his oldest single-harvest mother bush cultivars of the Hidden Cave and the Ginger Flower Fragrance.

We are very excited to share this tea tasting opportunity, as it is one of the few ways to really understand the complexities of certain types of teas.

Read up on the Wei, Liao Xulin and Huiwei farms here!