New Teas from Lincang: Raw Puer, Gushu, Blends, Pure Bud White, Minis

Raw Puer Bundle | 2024
Raw Puer Bundle | 2024

Raw Puer Bundle | 2024

One River Tea

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We've long since toyed with the idea of releasing a variety tong.  Why double down on a single cake when you can try them all?  While this bundle won't be wrapped in bamboo leaves like a classic tong, it will be discounted like a tong!  We will also offer the bundle in 25 gram sample increments for the purists who can't abide dragon balls, as the grammage works out to about a cake of tea, it will be discounted as well!

All six of these teas come from the Lincang region north of Jiangmai and Xishaungbanna.  The Xigui and Bangdong come from east of Lincang, the Kuashan from the north, and the Dongguan and Xiaohusai from the famous Mengku region just southwest.
These teas are all single origin material, meaning they should offer an interesting educational experience into the taste of these uniquely different  terroirs.
In the cake bundle:
4x200g cakes + 2x100g cakes = 1kg of new tea

In the sample bundle:
6 x 25 grams of each tea = 150 grams of new tea
New Kicks - Xiao Hu Sai 2023 blend of Gushu and Dashu (100 gram cake)
Tropics - Dong Guo Village 2023 Pure Gushu (200 gram cake)
NYC Tapwater - Bangdong 2024 Pure Gushu (200 gram cake)
Lux - Xigui Blend of 2023 Autumn Gushu and 2024 Spring Qiaomu (100 gram cake)
Skinny Chicken - Kuashan 2024 Pure Spring Qiaomu (200 gram cake)
Mithril - Bangdong 2024 First Pluck Old Arbor White (200 gram cake)

If you're here for 1000 grams of our highest quality puer, you probably don't need us to tell you how to brew these teas, so let us use this space to say that we see you here, snooping this bundle, and we appreciate you!