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Red Maojian
Red Maojian
Red Maojian
Red Maojian

Red Maojian

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Tea: Red Maojian

Type: Hubei Black Tea (hongcha)

Cultivar: Dragonwell #43

Harvest:  April, 2023

Region: Hefeng County, Rural Hubei

Producer: Loushuiyuan Tujia Cooperative

The dry twisted black leaves and orange buds give off a strongly sweet aroma of baked yams and dark chocolate.  When brewed, this tea is very malty and rich in its minerality and mouthfeel.  The brew is a golden amber thick with tea bud down and fairly viscous.  Drinking several cups in quick succession generates a pleasant houngan in the back of the throat.  While the tea is sweet on the tongue there is a pleasant edge of bitterness if brewed more strongly.  This is a very interesting tea when drunk in concert with its cousin, the Green Maojian.  Be sure to.  Check out the Green & Red Maojian Sample Box for a guided tour of this comparison. 

The Loushuiyuan Cooperative is primarially comprised of local Tujia minority formers and laborers in the mountainous, remote Hefeng county of rural Hubei.  The cooperative consists of a few hundred Mu (0.33 acre) of tea gardens scattered throughout the terraced and plateaued mountains of the Luoshui river valley.  

It is in this region and from this Cooperative that One River Tea Cooperative has rented a few Mu of tea fields and an old Tujia house on the Mountian.  It is our ambition to create a Red Maojian in Summer of 2021 and a Green Maojian in Spring of 2022 in cooperation with the Luoshuiyuan Cooperative.