Spring & Autumn: Dancong Harvest Comparison Box

Spring & Autumn: Dancong Harvest Comparison Box

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“Spring Water, Autumn Fragrance.”  We hear this phrase a lot when we go down to the Phoenix Mountains in Eastern Guangdong.  The oolong producers in this region use this saying to explain the main differences between the harvests of Dancong Oolong. 

Spring teas have a greater range in flavors, as they can be heavily roasted over charcoal, or lightly baked with gas, they can deliver a thicker mouthfeel, a deeper huigan, and generally more flavor on the tongue. 

Autumn and winter harvests are all about the aroma of the leaves which ranges from dried flowers to cooking spices and even into the citrusy fruit notes, all of which can be tasted on the soft palate at the back of the mouth.

We’ve created this sample box as an opportunity to test and explore the veracity of these claims.  We provide Spring and Autumn teas from our mid and low mountain producers (most high-mountain producers only harvest once a year, in Spring).

Included in the box:

40g Yashixiang (Spring)
40g Fragrang Yashixiang (Autumn)

The spring and autumn Yashixiang is from Huiwei, our mid-mountain producer。  While these teas are from the same producer and land, they have been made to accentuate the different styles: Spring for Water, and Autumn for Aroma.

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