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International Tea Consumer Survey

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We are working to consolidate our earlier Enshi Yulu Survey and an ongoing International Tea Consumer Survey into a single accessible report for Enshi's Selenium Tea Academy and local producers. We will also make an English version of this report openly available to all who may be interested.

Recent academic work has been done in China to understand the factors that domestic consumers consider when buying tea. In China, brand recognition, information about health benefits, and information about local growing traditions have been found to be the most critical factors in getting sales.

The question we need to answer is whether or not these factors play the same role in the minds of international consumers. Producers considering the expensive process of internationalization need to also know whether organic or fair trade labeling can get them more sales. Other smaller issues, such as package size and  value of tea purchased per month are also covered in the survey. 

Now, we ideally need to get 300 responses for this to be a viable piece of research. To further incentivize participation, we are offering a chance to receive a 15% discount on either our tea or SweetestDew's for those who participate. If you want a chance to win, please fill out the email field on the survey. Winners will be contacted on November 30th. The discount will be valid for the month of December.

Please click into the survey above and help us fill it out if you have not already.

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