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Wudong Mountain Reserve (Dancong Sampler)
Wudong Mountain Reserve (Dancong Sampler)

Wudong Mountain Reserve (Dancong Sampler)

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This is an exciting new collection we are proud to offer this year: pure-origin, core-region Wudong Mountain Dancong Oolong.  This was our first year sourcing true Wudong Dancong and it is a delight to be able to drink and offer these mineral sweet old-tree teas.  Wudong (meaning Dark Soil) is a mountain in the Phoenix range outside of Chaozhou with distinctive volcanic soil and a lot of rocky boulders dotting the landscape.  This mountain is home of the first dancong oolong bushes, and its cliffs have seen almost a thousand years of tea-making traditions.

The young maker Wen Zitong has a gift for tea processing, and all of these teas are carefully crafted by his skillful hands.  We spent a whole week with him on his mountain home in the Wudong village and had a lot of Wudong dancong this spring, as a result, we can whole-heartedly say that the teas Wen Zitong makes are truly a cut above the rest; thus, we have decided to source from him for this year's Wudong Dancongs (and are excited to continue supporting his work by buying his teas in the many years to come).

The set includes a total of 56 grams of tea, split into 14 grams of 4 different Dancong Oolong cultivars, all properly charcoal roasted and individually packed in heat-sealed satchels.

In the set:

  • 14g Song Style (Cream and Angel Food Cake) (Light Roast)
  • 14g The East is Red (Caramel Apples and Sage) (Medium Roast)
  • 14g Eight Immortals (Sweet Butter and Rosemary) (Medium Roast)
  • 14g Thunderstruck (Lillies and Rock Sugar) (Light Roast)

For those that want to touch the sky when it comes to Dancong, check out Wen Zitong's Mother Bush Experience, which includes tea from his oldest single-harvest mother bush cultivars of the Hidden Cave and the Ginger Flower Fragrance.

For those wanting to try a wider breadth of some less common Dancong Oolong cultivars, we recommend trying the Phoenix Dancong Sampler, as it contains a total of 6 different Dancongs from villages near Wudong.

We are very excited to share this tea tasting opportunity, as it is one of the few ways to really understand the complexities of certain types of teas.