Shipping Update for EU Customers July 2021


(Fujian White Tea)

Yuanming Tea is the name of the business started by mister Qiu in Diantou village just outside of Fuding, Fujian, China.  We visited this tea house, their production facilities, and their tea plots in mid April 2019.  Their well stored and neatly organized teas, their passion for tasting and explaining the subtle differences of leaves, the quality of their production facility, and the cleanliness of their high mountain tea garden all impressed us very much.  We learned a great deal about Fuding white tea from our time visiting them in Diantou.  We are happy to carry their teas and confident with the quality of the leaf. 

Feel free to read more about the story and history of Yuanming Tea, or brush up on your knowledge of Fuding White tea.

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