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Off White Sampler

Off White Sampler

One River Tea

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**Note: First 10 Orders also get 20 grams of Zhangjiajie "Shaidehen" (Hunan)

We have long made waves when it comes to white tea. One River Tea is committed to never selling you white tea that is improperly dated or sourced. That being said, we have come across some unorthodox gems over the years. Here, for the first and maybe last time, we want to share them with you. In this sampler, you will get 30 grams of each of the following teas:

2017 Xianfeng Gongmei (Hubei)

2018 Brown Shoumei (Fujian)

2021 Laos White (Laos)

These teas show the spectrum of what gets called white tea in China. Our Brown Shoumei from the Wu Family was made from professional white tea producers within the official Fuding growing region during the normal season. The expediated browning applied to this tea however gives some other producers reason to frown. The Gongmei is in many ways produced more orthodox: a typical late Spring pick dried indoors with the normal amount of greenness. The pick however comes from Fuding Daibai trees transplanted in Hubei Province's Xianfeng County,  about as far away from the official production area as possible. The Menghai Moonlight White is something more experimental. It was dried outdoors using leaves picked from native Yunnan tea trees, and turns out to be something closer to what is called white tea in Laos or India than the processing style that put Fuding on the map. 

For those of you who are lucky enough to get one of the first ten samplers. You will also get to try some of the "Shaidehen" from Zhangjiajie. This was also done with a native variety tea tree and is frankly bizzare. Similiar to the brown shoumei, It was dried outside over an extended period, but does not have all of the usual sweetness. Nor does it have the Shengpu Maocha taste of its Yunnan Counterpart. It is something new, something different.