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Pomelo Flower Fragrance Dancong
Pomelo Flower Fragrance Dancong
Pomelo Flower Fragrance Dancong
Pomelo Flower Fragrance Dancong

Pomelo Flower Fragrance Dancong

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Tea: Pomelo Flower Fragrance
Type: Youhuaxiang Dancong Oolong (柚花香单丛乌龙)
: Classic Dancong
Harvest: Spring 2023
Roast: Medium
Region: Zhuliu Village, Phoenix Mountains, Chaozhou
Producer: Master Wei
Tasting Notes: Buttered Popcorn, Toasted Oats, Caramel, Jasmine
Check out our Glossary of Dancong Oolong Terms to understand this info more!

This is a new cultivar for us from an old producer.  Master Wei has a higher elevation garden on the slopes of Wudong Mountain in the village of Zhuliu.  His trees are old, tall, and well cared for with roots that reach deep into the clay of the cliffs.  The Pomelo Flower Fragrance was one of our favorites from Wei this year, and we asked him to give it a lighter bake than some of his other teas in order to emphasize the floral character, the results are exactly what we were hoping for!

The dry leaves give off a sweet aroma of melted butter and caramel with a bit of toasted grains beneath it.  Once infused, the leaves show their vegetal side with a wonderful sweetgrass and jasmine fragrance.  After the rinse, the sharp citrus pomelo peel begins to glow up through the wet leaves.

The brew itself is pale gold in color, refreshing on the tongue, and noticably sweet.  If let to cool for a little while, this tea becomes very oily, coating the tongue and mouth very nicely.  The citrus flower notes come out more and more as the infusions progress, eventually subsiding to sweet vegetation.  The empty cup aroma is consistently redolent of melted butter mixed with sugar with a distinct note of fresh flowers.