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Golden Peony
Golden Peony
Golden Peony
Golden Peony

Golden Peony

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Tea: Golden Peony (Jin Mudan - 金牡丹)
Type: Charcoal Roasted Wuyi Rock Oolong
Harvest: Spring 2022
Roast Type: Light
Region: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, China
Producers: Master Wu
Tasting Notes: Butter Scotch, Gardenia, Tobacco, Dark Chocolate, Roses

The Jin Mudan, or Golden Peony, is a hybrid of two commonly used oolong varietals: Tieguanyin and Huangjingui.  The blending of these two varietals into a new cultivar creates a fragrant-forward and very floral Wuyi Yancha.  While Golden Peony sounds like a variant of the White Peony, these teas are not directly related.

The warmed leaves give off a light butterscotch aroma mixed with the distinctly floral bouquet of spring roses.  When brewed up, the wet leaves remind us of the Gardenia Fragrance Dancong Oolong, while lingering in the back are notes of licorice and tobacco.  

The liquor is a rich amber which coats the tongue without too much dryness or any noticeable astringency on the sides of the tongue.  The taste is syrupy sweet, with notes of deep dark chocolate and candied flowers.  As the brews continue, this tea falls into its floral fragrances and complex minerality, offering many sweet and soft infusions.

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