White Peony Sample Set

White Peony Sample Set

One River Tea

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This sample set is intended as an exploration of how white tea changes over time.  White tea is often aged in China, and many people place great value on aged white teas.  There is a common saying in Chinese about white tea: White tea starts as tea, after three years it becomes medicine, after seven years it becomes gold.

In this box, you will find spring harvested White Peony (baumudan) from a beautiful plot near the Taimushan nature reserve in Fujian, China.  White Peony is only harvested in the spring (between March and May), and is considered one of the highest qualities of white tea available throughout China.  While almost any tea can be processed as a white tea, it is only tea produced from this Fujian varietal (Dabaihao) that is officially recognized as white tea.

In the set:

  • 25g White Peony 2019 Spring
  • 25g White Peony 2014 Spring

All the teas were made and curated in the Spring of 2019, when we visited the farm and met with the producer in Fujian.  We were very impressed with the quality of his fields and his production methods.

The tea is packaged in two 25g bags.  Recommended brewing is 6-7 grams of tea in a 3-4 ounce gaiwan with water right off the boil.

We are very excited to share this tea tasting opportunity, as comparison brewing is one of the few ways to really understand the complexities of certain types of teas.